Izuto Tsukemonoho

Pickles, Traditional Japanese Food

Japanese pickles are the original fermented Japanese food made by marinating various ingredients with salt, vinegar, and sake lees in order to ferment and improve the preservability and taste. Izuto’s pickles take two years or more since its seeding until completion. Moriguchi radishes and Japanese green melons marinated in a barrel will change into Japanese pickles with a dark caramel shine and a condensed taste.

Izuto sticks to the first ripe vegetables. We call vegetables that ripe foremost in a season ichiban-nari, the first ripe vegetables. Izuto only uses ichiban-nari vegetables for fermented pickles. Delicious ingredients by Izuto stem from the way that we marinate the best vegetables in the season after harvesting them at their taste peak.

120 years of traditional flavor

The history of Izuto Tsukemonoho (Izuto Pickles Shop) is very old and goes back to 120 years ago when Akimasa Ito the grandfather of the current third generation heir, opened the store. While the modern pickle industry pursues simplification in production, we, Izuto, follow the traditional process, stick to the ingredients, and maintain the tradition since the Meiji era. Our policy that we do not increase the number of shops but operate as an exclusive shop presents the promise of delivering genuine flavor.

Izuto Tsukemonoho that always pursues the genuine article

Although our company belongs to a food industry that prefers fast formulas and simplification in every category, we stick to traditional production that requires more than two years for the process, and we pursue genuine flavor without using any artificial sweetening agents, food colorings, or preservatives. Please taste the traditional flavor marinated only with sweet cooking rice wine lees.

Store Information

Izuto Tsukemonoho

Location: 13-33, Nishiki 3-chome, Naka-Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan Postal 3
Code: 460-0003
Hours open: 9:00–17:00 on weekdays, 9:00–13:00 on Saturdays
Shop holidays: Sundays and National holidays

Izuto Tsukemonoho